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This bestselling smart thermostat on Amazon is under $65 ahead of summer

The bestselling smart thermostat on Amazon is less than $65 ahead of summer

Amazon has slashed the price of its own Amazon Smart Thermostat by 20%, just in time for summer. This means you can purchase this device for just $64 and have it immediately start working to save you money when running your central air conditioning (and heating system in the winter). It also allows you to control your home's temperature remotely via your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Not that long ago, if you wanted to upgrade to a smart thermostat that you could control from a smartphone and that would use advanced algorithms to save money on utility bills, you needed to spend at least $249, plus the cost of installation. 

Well, the latest smart thermostats are not only more powerful and better at saving you money; they're also a lot cheaper. Case in point: This $64 smart thermostat from Amazon.

If your home is already equipped with a thermostat that has a standard C-wire connection, you can probably install the Amazon Smart Thermostat yourself. In addition to its low price, we like this model because it works with the Amazon Alexa digital assistant via your mobile device. It's also compatible with Ring smart home devices.

And there's more good news. When you replace your traditional thermostat with a smart one, like the Amazon Smart Thermostat, you may be entitled to a rebate from your state or utility company. The EPA estimates a household that uses a smart thermostat can save an average of $50 per year on its energy bill. This particular model from Amazon was co-designed by Honeywell, a brand trusted for it high-quality controls.

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