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All-Clad's mega-popular stainless steel frying pan is currently 46% off on Amazon


If you're looking to level up your cooking in 2024, consider splurging on this stainless steel frying pan from All-Clad. All-Clad is famous for its stainless steel cookware. It's not only highly rated by home cooks, but also used by professional chefs, including David Chang and Alison Roman. Right now, one of the brand's most popular pieces of stainless steel cookware, the 12-inch skillet, is 46% off on Amazon, saving consumers a whopping $110 on this purchase. We've never seen this pan discounted this drastically.

All-Clad D3 stainless three-ply bonded cookware, fry pan with lid, 12-inch: Save 46%

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Considering how much this pan has going for it, this deal a real steal. It's lighter in weight compared with cast iron skillets and can handle high-heat cooking unlike nonstick pans (you can put this in the oven up to 600 degrees). Its aluminum core allows the pan to heat quickly, hold onto heat well and distribute it evenly. And at 12 inches in diameter, you have plenty of room to saute veggies for a stir fry or get a nice sear on a few pieces of salmon. We really like that this works with induction cooktops and that the skillet comes with a lid, which makes stove-to-oven cooking both safe and easy (glass lids can't handle high oven temperatures). 

The pan's beautiful exterior material, stainless steel, is durable enough that when taken care of properly, it can last years. You can take care of it by allowing it to cool completely before washing, cleaning it by hand washing and making sure to not use abrasive sponges, such as steel wool or steel scouring pads. 

The All-Clad D3 stainless steel frying pan has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. One reviewer wrote: "Had this pan for 2-plus years. I use it almost every day and it's still perfect. Just a bit of monthly maintenance and it'll last forever. Definitely worth the money."

Another verified customer said, "I recently got rid of all my Teflon-type cookware and am replacing [it] with All-Clad D3. I absolutely love this cookware and once you learn how to properly cook on it (heat the pan sufficiently first before adding oil or food--check out the vids on YouTube), it's wonderful to cook on. The food even tastes better, more crispy. And it's freakin' beautiful." 

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