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Dallas Artist Takes Paint To New Dimension

Samuel Lynne Galleries
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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Phil Romano is known for creating concepts such as Macaroni Grill, Fuddruckers and eatZi's Market & Bakery. But recently, he has been creating cutting-edge masterpieces. "I like to create restaurants," he explained, "so, when I'm not creating restaurants, I've got to create something. So, I got a paintbrush and I started painting on canvases."

Romano and artist J.D. Miller opened the Samuel Lynne Galleries in 2008. The art that is on display is a new movement that Miller created, called Reflectionism. "As Reflectionists," Miller said, "we have taken it to the 21st Century and we have captured the entire three-dimensional envelope of life. So, not just the light, but sound, taste, touch -- the spirit that you're surrounded by -- and translating that into art."

Miller, who trained as a potter in college, has taken his art to a whole new dimension. "I happened to discover one day that oil paint, when you put it on the pallet, looks like clay," he said. "So, I took a rusty knife, grabbed a piece and stuck it on there. And what was cool, when it hit, it pulled off and stayed exactly the way it was when I put it on the canvas. It started making these amazing shapes. So, the last 16 years, I've taken the one fortuitous moment and started to perfect the technique, and now I'm teaching it to others, and we call it 3-D oil."

The Samuel Lynne Galleries are about more than art. It is about artists sharing their experiences with others through their art. The gallery is located in the Dallas Design District. Click here for more information.

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