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CBS 11 Storm Chaser - Mobile 11

The CBS 11 Storm Chaser uses state-of-the-art technology to get you closer to severe storms.

This Ford Expedition EL makes a great storm chasing vehicle. The extended length allowed the back to be turned into an actual TV control room, fully equipped with a video switcher and monitoring devices. And the four-wheel drive allows us to travel during all kinds of conditions including ice and snow, which we cover extensively as the Weather Authority of North Texas.

The vehicle also handles well in different weather conditions, allowing our crews to shoot video while driving.

A specialized platform mounted on the roof has numerous weather instruments and antennas. The vehicle's luggage rack handles the weight very well, which is a testament to Ford's durability and design.

Included in the CBS 11 Storm Chaser are:

• Two-way and cellular communications.
• Scanners for monitoring police and fire signals.
• Bonded cellular Dejero video transmission platform.
• Comrex LiveShot streaming video return.
• Live video switching from multiple workstations.
• Five cameras across the inside and outside of the vehicle.
• Wireless microphone audio for jumping in and out of the vehicle.
• Large monitors for displaying weather data.
• Weather station that measures temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, UV index and potential air pollution.

When severe weather threatens, count on the CBS 11 Storm Chaser for live video and information to help keep you safe.

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