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Some Metro Detroiters Wait In Line Outside For A Week In Every Kind Of Weather For New Air Jordans

By Christy Strawser

ROYAL OAK (CBS Detroit) Metro Detroit has experienced every kind of weather since early Monday -- with bouts of heat, humidity and torrents of rain.

Few people got the kind of up close and personal view of the weather as the dozen or so young men settled into camp chairs outside sneaker emporium Burn Rubber in downtown Royal Oak.

Some have been there since Monday, waiting for a chance to buy commemorative Air Jordan sneakers. They'll be released Saturday. There's no guarantee the store will get more than a few pairs, or what size will arrive.

While they wait, the guys are spending their days mock wrestling, shooting the breeze, drinking cold water out of coolers and becoming fast friends on their own patch of sidewalk. "It's the best of times, it's the worst of times," one of them said, cracking the others up.

Why are they doing this?

"He's legendary, these will be legendary," said Jason Thurmand, of Detroit, 28. Chiming in, Drew English, 25, visiting from Chicago, said, "I've been a fan for my entire life."

Thurmand explained he wasn't worried about getting to work because, he said laughingly, "This is my job."

Joey Przybylko, 19, works on weekends at Panera, so he was all set to wait in line 24 hours a day during the week. Luckily, his brother also works at Panera so he's been stopping by in the evenings with bread and snacks from the store for all to share.

They're using the bathrooms at local businesses, and say no one seems to mind.

The cops stop by, they say, but only to check on them and chat. "The cops joke with us," one of the men said, adding no one has harassed them.

Their prize, according to, are unique Air Jordan 6 Retros that honor Michael Jordan.  "(They) pay a fitting tribute to the first of many with a unique ring lace toggle and a special graphic on the back heel to commemorate the six biggest victories of a storied career," the website says.

The $250 shoes can also be ordered on There's a limit of one pair per customer.

Brothers Jason and Tommy Ngo are in the crowd of people waiting on the Royal Oak sidewalk. So what happens if there's only one pair of shoes available in their size?

"They'd fight!" Przybylko said, laughing and adding, "No, man, they're just shoes."




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