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'For What?': Colorado Father Who Lost Son In Afghanistan Wants Explanation For U.S. Withdrawal

(CBS4) - After years of anguish, Colorado families who lost a loved one fighting in Afghanistan are now left with agony, questions and a lack of accomplishment.

"I knew as soon as they announced they were going to pull out all the troops, I knew the Taliban would take over again. I mean, if it's obvious to me, it's got to be obvious to everybody else," said Kevin Sonka, whose son Cpl. David Sonka, of Parker, was killed in 2013.

Cpl. Sonka and his K-9, Flex, were killed during an insider attack by an Afghan soldier.

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Kevin Sonka has seen the impacts of the war in Afghanistan through many different people, beyond his own family. Over the past eight years, Kevin has dedicated himself to connecting with the dog-handler community in the Marines and working with veterans to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through the Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project.

"It doesn't even feel like anything got accomplished over there. You know, other than the sacrifice of our men and women," Kevin  Sonka said. "Losing limbs, the [traumatic brain injuries], the PTSD; just families torn apart over here. And it just makes me feel like, for what reason did these guys and women sacrifice their lives? Their limbs, their, their bodies? Why? It's just heartbreaking. For what?"

Thirty-eight service members from Colorado in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force were killed in Afghanistan over the past two decades.

Kevin Sonka says he knows the military effort couldn't continue forever, but seeing the collapse of Afghanistan's government has been hard to watch.

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"Just watching all this is really disgusting," he said. "I don't get it. But I do wish somebody would explain."

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