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Will We Make 'History'?

All of the pieces are starting to come together for a potentially historic nor'easter for southern New England.

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The energy from a low pressure system affecting the Great Lakes this morning, and a moisture-laden storm system in the Deep South will be joining forces later on Friday.

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That's when this storm will 'bomb-out' and plaster us with heavy snow along with northeast winds gusting as high as 60+mph.

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This will most likely be categorized as a blizzard since it is likely that winds will be sustained and-or frequent gusts of 35 mph or greater and heavy snow and-or blowing snow that reduces visibility to a quarter mile or less for a minimum of three hours.

Blizzard Watches and Winter Storm Watches will be in effect from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon.

Coastal Flood Watches for East-facing beaches will be in effect from Friday evening through midday Saturday.

We will have to watch the high tides  around 9 p.m. on Friday and especially the 10 a.m. high tide Saturday.

There is also a risk of a 2-to-3 foot storm surge from this massive storm.

Additionally, many areas will receive between 1-to-2+ FEET of snow!

Southern Plymouth and Bristol Counties as well as areas near the Canal will receive  about 12-to-18 inches of snow, and we are anticipating 8-to-12 inches for the Outer Cape and Islands.

We will need to watch the rain-snow line closely in order to correctly predict snowfall amounts across extreme southeastern Massachusetts.

It's a little tricky. This could turn out to be a top 5 snowstorm for Boston. There have only been 6 other storms (on record since 1892) when Boston has received 20+ inches of snow from one storm.

The storm will slowly taper off late-afternoon and evening Saturday.

Thankfully, by Sunday, the storm will be offshore and the sunshine will be back in full force!

Temperatures will also be moderating. Highs will be in the upper 30's. Let the snowmelt begin!

The beginning of next week will be milder in the middle 40's.

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