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'If You've Been There, You Remember It': Phantom Gourmet's Dan Andelman On Top Of The Hub Closing

BOSTON (CBS) – The impending closure of the Top Of The Hub on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Center means the city is losing an iconic venue. The Phantom Gourmet's Dan Andelman joined CBSN Boston's Paula Ebben to talk about Boston's rapidly changing restaurant scene.

"Top Of The Hub has been around forever. If you've been there, you remember it. If people came from out of town, you would take them there." Andelman said. "A lot of people are not Instagramming their plate of food at Top Of The Hub, they're definitely Instagramming the view."

Andelman said people shouldn't be surprised to be seeing so many local pubs and longtime institutions like Top Of The Hub shutting down.

"Boston is a dynamic place," he said. "There's a lot happening, especially in the world of food and restaurants – and real estate. That's where these things all comes together, and that's what happens."

Real estate is a huge part of the restaurant business, Andelman said. Boston Properties, which owns the Prudential Center, has decided not to renew the Top Of The Hub's lease and is planning a new observatory instead.

More than 200 workers are going to lose their jobs with Top Of The Hub's closure, but Andelman said they should be able to find positions in Boston's exploding food scene.

"If they still want to stay in the industry, I'm sure there's a lot of restaurants nearby that would love to have them," he said.

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