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Tom Brady Gives Stephen Curry Some Cryptocurrency Advice: 'Don't Laser Eyes!'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady doesn't lose too often. When he does ... he's at least happy to make fun of himself for it.

The 44-year-old reigning Super Bowl MVP has poked fun at himself over the past several months for investing in Bitcoin just before the price began to dip. Now, after seeing a tweet from Stephen Curry asking for some advice in getting into cryptocurrency, Brady offered a warning.

"Whatever you do…don't laser eyes!" Brady tweeted, with his Twitter picture still showing him sporting laser eyes himself.

The "laser eyes" picture was Brady's way of announcing his investment in Bitcoin back in May. When prices dropped shortly thereafter, Brady enthusiastically said he was buying the dip. In June, he kind of admitted defeat, saying, "Alright the laser eyes didn't work. Anyone have any ideas?"

Always someone to pass his wisdom on to the next generation -- especially if he's working with a fellow Under Armour athlete -- Brady is merely trying to help Curry avoid a public crypto blunder.


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