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Tedy Bruschi Puts His Three Boston Marathons Up There With His Three Super Bowl Victories

BOSTON (CBS) --  Tedy Bruschi felt the ultimate euphoria on the football field three times, winning a trio of Super Bowls during his amazing run with the New England Patriots.

He now has three other medals to add to his trophy collection, finishing his third Boston Marathon on Monday. Bruschi and his team, Tedy's Team, made the 26.2-mile trek in the 123rd Boston Marathon, raising money for stroke and heart disease research along the way. Bruschi was all smiles after his team crossed the finish line.

"This is a Super Bowl ring right here," Bruschi told WBZ-TV's Steve Burton as he held up his Marathon medal. "I put it right up there with them because of everything that has to go with this. Boston is fantastic with this race, and my team inspired me to run again."

The 45-year-old sounds ready to go out on top.

"Three rings, three medals, and I'm out," Bruschi said with a laugh.

Of course, when fans along the marathon route see Bib No. 5454 run by, they tend to lose their mind.

"It's like a 26.2-mile stadium," said Bruschi.

Bruschi and his team completed the marathon in 4:35:35. Tedy's Team is now in its 14th year, and though Bruschi doesn't run every year, he said that he's become a much better marathon runner than when he first ran back in 2012.

"I trained for 8-second bursts for decades, so I didn't know what I was doing my first couple of times. You just grind," said Bruschi. "This third time around, I felt a lot more comfortable and did a lot more training. I put a lot into it.

"This wasn't my easiest, but I think this was my best run," he added. "They had to slow me down a lot, because sometimes I have that linebacker in me and I want to take off. We did it as a team and we finished as a team."

It sounds like "The Patriot Way" was everywhere on Patriots' Day.

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