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Sutton Teenager Kicks, Scares Away Home Invader

SUTTON (CBS) – Police said a Sutton teenager foiled a break-in at his home when he kicked the man who was suspected of entering the house and stealing several pieces of jewelry.

Sutton police said that just after 6 p.m. on Monday officers were called to a home on Hartness Road for a break-in.

Responding officers found the front door ajar and damaged.

A 13-year-old boy inside the house told police he was alone inside his second-floor bedroom when he heard several knocks at the front door. He then heard sound of the door crashing open.

From his room, the boy said he could hear someone rummaging through several first floor rooms. The suspect then came to the second floor and started looking through bedrooms, police said.

Sutton Break-In
(Image Credit: Sutton Police Department)

According to police, the suspect eventually entered the boy's bedroom and began looking around. The man then made eye contact with the boy, who was hiding under a desk, police said.

While the suspect was close to the boy, the teenager kicked him. The man then fell over, got back on his feet and ran from the house.

"Obviously he was backed into a corner and he did what he needed to do," said Sutton Lt. David Perry.

Police K-9 units picked up a scent from the house and followed it for some time before the dogs lost the scent at the intersection of Hartness Road and Viola Terrace. Investigators believe that is where the suspect's vehicle was waiting.

The suspect is described as a white man in his 40s who is about 6'4" with a short buzz cut, grey hair and a thin beard.



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