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Massachusetts Gears Up For Halloween Amidst Pandemic, Snow

BOSTON (CBS) - There's no doubt Halloween will be a bit "tricky" this year as Mass. residents try to navigate the holiday with the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent snowfall.

Jared Hancock of Framingham says he hasn't bought his Halloween candy yet, but his kids have their costumes. He also built an elaborate front yard Halloween display he's been working on for weeks.

Halloween 2020

"I figured we won't be doing much this year, so you can come here get a whole bunch of photo ops, walk through, and leave with some candy and have a good time," Hancock said.

The Hancocks, like many other families, have no intentions on leaving their homes.

Tracey Frohock of Worcester says despite her city not allowing trick-or-treating, she hopes kids will come visit her Halloween display on Forest Street.

"I think taking rides and looking at the decorations that families have done, and looking at the lights, and you know, [kids] are looking for something to do that's fun," Frohock said.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, many people are still trying to figure what to do with their kids on Halloween. There is a lot of last-minute decisions, including buying candy and costumes.

"I'm actually just buying candy for my children," said Nancy D'Amato of Framingham.

Jess Domolky of Southboro says her family plans to trick or treat, but are not sure how it will go.

"I'm sure some of the people will have their lights out, but we'll just kind of walk around and see."

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