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Massachusetts volunteers head to Florida to help victims of Hurricane Ian

Mass Volunteers head to Florida to help victims of Hurricane Ian
Mass Volunteers head to Florida to help victims of Hurricane Ian 01:46

By Jordyn Jagolinzer, WBZ-TV

MEDFORD - American Red Cross volunteers from Massachusetts are on the ground in Florida to assist in the path of Hurricane Ian's destruction. 

Director of Communications Kelly Isenor says more volunteers are on standby to take the next plane out, as Florida is quite literally flooded with residents seeking help. "Last night, I think the count was about 13,000 people in Red Cross shelters," said Isenor. 

Their office will call volunteers 24 hours in advance of their scheduled flight. 

Volunteers from Massachusetts are heading to Florida to help victims of Hurricane Ian. CBS Boston

For Jack Kavanagh, this trip will be his 44th deployment. Kavanagh is a volunteer from Brookline. He told WBZ-TV, "They're flying me to Miami tomorrow because it's the only airport open to stage us to get closer to where we have to go." 

He expects to be south for three weeks helping with Mass Care. "We'll be out in our mobile vehicles feeding," Kavanagh continued. 

It will be Stephanie Downing's first trip as a volunteer. She expects to fly out Sunday. 

As a shelter worker, she will pass out care packages, including shampoo, towels, toothbrushes and toys, to try and comfort families. 

"Working 12- and 16-hour days at the shelters will be nothing compared to the people going to lose things," said Downing. 

In a time where so much is uncertain in the hurricane's path, what storm victims can count on is the show of support from Massachusetts and the country. 

It's all thanks to volunteers like Kavanagh and Downing who give up their time to show these victims they're not alone. 

"I'm just glad I can join and do something to help," said Downing. 

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