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Mark Wahlberg Recruiting Kevin Durant To Play For Celtics

BOSTON (CBS) - So the Celtics didn't exactly use all their assets this summer and make the "fireworks" they promised, but maybe just maybe they're saving their trade chips for the summer of 2016.

No matter who you ask Kevin Durant is considered one of the three best players in the NBA, and the Oklahoma City star becomes a free agent after the conclusion of next season.

If it was up to Boston native and actor Mark Wahlberg, Durant would come east to play for the Celtics.

The star of Ted and Ted 2 recently finished construction on his house, an opulent residence that features all the amenities you could dream of -- including a basketball court.

When TMZ cameras caught up with Wahlberg they asked him if any Celtics had played there yet, which he responded no. But "KD" -- also knows as Kevin Durant -- was "lighting it up" there recently according to the actor.

"KD would look real good in green wouldn't he? Real good in green."

Mark Wahlberg -- Recruiting Kevin Durant ... Come to the Celtics!! | TMZ Sports by TMZSports on YouTube

Here's to hoping Mark Wahlberg's star power convinces Durant to ship up to Boston...


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