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Keefer Madness: Having Fun With 'Deflate' As A Weight Loss Term

BOSTON (CBS) - The Patriots fired back at the NFL and its "independent" DeflateGate investigation on Thursday by launching, a 20,000 word rebuttal that picks apart the original Wells Report piece by piece, basically saying that it's full of crap.

However, one of the things in there where the Patriots are catching heat -- something even the diehards can't defend -- is when locker room attendant Jim McNally referred to himself as "The Deflator" in text messages, the Patriots reason it's because he was a heavy man that was trying to lose weight.

There was a lot of good points to be made in the Wells Report rebuttal, but referring to weight loss as "deflating" is a stretch . . . or is it?

98.5 The Sports Hub's Rich Keefe did a little leg work on the topic, and on Thursday night's Keefer Madness he reveals deflate is actually a popular weight loss term.

Listen below to the parody commercials and the latest episode of Keefer Madness:

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