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Countdown To The Storm

Two storms are getting ready to phase into one massive storm.

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This one major storm will be the culprit of heavy snow, potential moderate to major coastal flooding, and tropical storm to hurricane force wind gusts.  This storm will literally 'pack a powerful punch'! I can already hear the sounds of snowblowers cranked up, and the sound of the kids laughing and playing in the snow :)

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Blizzard (eastern and southeastern Mass.) and Winter Storm Warnings (north and west of 495) will be in effect from 6 a.m. Friday through 1 p.m. Saturday.

Coastal Flood Warnings will be in effect from this evening through midday Saturday. Moderate coastal flooding is possible this evening around 10 p.m., and moderate-to-major flooding will be more likely during Saturday morning's high tide around 10 a.m.

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A few ocean-effect snowflakes will be around this morning just to lead the way to the huge storm that will 'bomb-out' by this evening.

The moderate snow bands around midday will eventually become very heavy this evening around the dinner hour.

This will be the beginning of the core of the storm. The storm will be cranking into high gear tonight and into mid-morning Saturday.

Here is a general synopsis:

About 3-to-6 inches will have already fallen by about 8 p.m.

An additional 6-to-12 inches is likely overnight tonight for the majority of the area (less for the South Coast/Cape Cod/Islands).

Then, another 5-to-10 inches will fall from early Saturday through the afternoon before gradually tapering off Saturday evening.


There will be a jackpot areas of 24-to-30 inches+ just south and west of Boston (Norfolk/northern Plymouth and Bristol counties)

A large swath of 18-to-24 inches for the bulk of the area (including Boston).

12-to-18 inches for southern Plymouth and Bristol counties and the Cape Cod Canal.

Six-to-12 inches for the Outer Cape/Vineyard and 3-to-6 inches on Nantucket.

Sunshine returns on Sunday as high temps reach the middle 30's. Let the clean-up begin!

Temperatures in the middle 40's will greet us the beginning of next week.

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Please be safe. Please check on your loved ones and elderly neighbors and take care of your pets as well.

~Melissa :)


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