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Gresh & Zo's 2014 NFL Summer School: Minnesota Vikings

BOSTON (CBS) - It's not your typical classroom. They're not your typical teachers. It's where you go after failing all year. It's Gresh and Zo's NFL Summer School on 98.5 The Sports Hub!

The summer school tour rolls on and heads to the Land Of 10,000 Lakes, where Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak break down and preview the upcoming 2014 season for the Minnesota Vikings.

Taking Attendance:

Mike Zimmer is the new head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, after firing previous head coach Leslie Frazier. Former San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner is now the offensive coordinator.

Matt Cassel was re-signed and the Vikings drafted quarterback Teddy Bridgewater out of Louisville. They re-signed defensive end Everson Griffen. Jared Allen left the Vikings in free agency and joined the Bears.

Zolak: "I think Norv Turner is going to be good for Matt Cassel, because he's going to keep him confined. He's going to keep Matt compact. They aren't going to roll him out. It will be quick five-step drops, and he's going to go back to that Troy Aikman style offense that Norv ran when he was in Dallas. They have a pretty good tight end in Kyle Rudolph and I like their perimeter game."

Gresh: "Let's see if Cordarrelle Patterson can stay healthy, first and foremost. I'm with you. What is the Norv Turner offense best known for? They run the ball, they utilize the tight end well, and when you've got the run game and the tight end like they do, the other stuff on the outside will definitely come along. I like their defensive line, even though they got rid of Allen."

Pop Quiz:

Who will be the starting quarterback for the Vikings when the New England Patriots visit them in Week 2?

Gresh: "It sure as hell won't be Christian Ponder. It's going to be Cassel. I think it's Cassel until they feel Bridgewater is ready."

Zolak: "It's Cassel. There isn't even a debate here."

Fantasy 101:

Do you draft Adrian Peterson ahead of Jamaal Charles and/or LeSean McCoy?

Zolak: "You got to think bigger, faster, stronger. You think about the year after the knee surgery, guy worked his ass off, you got to think he will be better this year."

Gresh: "Yup. I do. He doesn't get sharked for touchdowns."

Where do you jump on Cordarrelle Patterson in the draft?

Gresh: "You know, I don't know. I'm not as high on him as other people. If I got two good wide receivers and I can wait a little bit, I might snag him."

Final Grade:

Last year, the Vikings went 5-10-1. They went 10-6 the year before that. Vegas has set the over/under at 6.5 wins. Where do they finish and do they make the playoffs?

Zolak: "They have a chance to start at 1-6. They are so under that number."

Gresh: "They are going to be under this year. They're a five-win team and you know what that means...Teddy Bridgewater will be playing late in the year."

Listen below for your full education!

Summer School: 2014 Minnesota Vikings


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