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Donohue: Tsarnaev Verdict Is 'Bittersweet Victory'

BOSTON (CBS) – A shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers left Transit Police Officer Dic Donohue wounded and near death.

"Today would be a bittersweet victory," Donohue said. "Not something you go out celebrating running in the streets for, but it's a victory justice was served. The right thing was done."

It's no exaggeration Donohue almost died on a terrible night in April of 2013, nearly bleeding to death after being badly wounded in a shootout with the marathon bombing suspects. His heart stopped for 45 minutes.

Now Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been found guilty on 30 counts including count 19, which directly dealt with Donohue's injuries.

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"And of course when number 19 pops up and it's your name on the screen and you see that it's guilty it's definitely a big relief," Donohue said.

He wasn't in the courtroom when the verdict came down, but on other days he looked directly into Tsarnaev's eyes and thought of murdered MIT Police officer Sean Collier.

Sean Collier
Sean Collier

"That's the guy that was involved with killing my friend, that's the guy that changed so many lives, that's the guy that took lives," Donohue said.

Donohue doesn't remember much about the day he was shot but he does remember being ready for anything; a fact of life for every officer wearing a badge.

"This could be the last day you put on the uniform this could be last day you walk the face of the earth," Donohue said. You're prepared to make that sacrifice but you never think it's going to be today."

Donohue would not comment on whether the jury should sentence Tsarnaev to death. He is keeping those opinions within his family and close friends.


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