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Salem Couple Says 'Drug Trafficking' Caught On Their Surveillance Cameras

SALEM (CBS) -- The ocean view from their Salem condo no longer eases the stress for Shawn Meenan and his girlfriend Rachel Schellabarger.

"We're stuck with how to cope," he said.

Someone keyed their car, so they installed two surveillance cameras. They never imagined what they would record.

Salem Condo Security
A Salem couple has installed two surveillance cameras to monitor activity at their condo. (WBZ-TV)

"It's clearly drug trafficking, and we can't go without wondering: what are we going to walk into?" Meenan says.

In one video, you can see a child retrieve a ball in the parking lot when he nearly gets hit by something thrown from a window. A man comes into the frame and picks up the small bag.

Another video shows a man making a call on his cell phone, waiting and then going to pick up a small bag.

Salem Condo Security
Shawn Meenan points out suspicious activity caught on camera going on outside his Salem condo. (WBZ-TV)

Over the past several weeks, the cameras repeatedly captured packets being dropped out of a window to strangers down below.

"For a while, it was red hot every weekend," Meenan says.

Meenan, a former Pennsylvania State Trooper, says he knows what's going on.

"I was like 'You got to be kidding me.' I was in disbelief," he said.

The couple said police told them the investigation takes time. They became frustrated and started a Facebook blog called Crime and Corruption in Salem's Point MA.

"We're hoping to draw attention to this issue in this community," Meenan says. "It's a little aggravating we feel as though, especially with an opioid epidemic, this is not a priority.

"When you are collateral damage, it's even more frustrating."

Salem police have yet to get back to WBZ. Meenan said officers have increased their presence.

For now, the couple puts beams against the doors for added security.

Salem Couple Security
Shawn Meenan boards up the door to his condo in Salem. (WBZ-TV)


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