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Boston's Top Chefs Prepare Meals For People In Need

BOSTON (CBS) - Chefs preparing food for a good cause. That's what happened Monday at Community Servings in Jamaica Plain, a group that delivers meals to people who may be too sick to prepare their own.

From chopping onions, to cranking up the industrial sized blender, to stirring the soup, volunteers work every day at Community Servings to create and deliver meals to people who are housebound. "Community Servings is focused on feeding sick individuals, bringing them beautiful food that is medically tailored to their particular need," says the group's leader, David Waters.

On Monday, chefs from Boston area restaurants joined the line, getting meals ready to go. Garrett Harker from the Eastern Standard restaurant brought them together. "We want to feed people and we want to participate in anything that helps make our neighborhoods and towns and cities better," Harker says.

Community Servings
Boston chefs prepare meals at Community Servings in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

"Something like this, we're able to provide fresh meals to people who might not be able to fully provide for themselves. That's part of our job, too," adds Louis DiBiccari.

These same chefs, and many more, are also preparing for a major fundraiser to benefit Community Servings. "Restaurants are part of the community and this is easy to do, to use my skills to help people out," says Andy Husbands from the Smoke Shop Barbeque.

"The whole point of putting out the great food is that people will eat it and create an impact in a positive way," adds David Barzirgan from Bumbara Kitchen.

Community Servings is about to expand into a new building to be able to help more people. "We prepare 600,000 meals a year, and we operate with a substantial wait list. So we know the need is significant," says Harker.

About 600 volunteers work at Community Servings each month to prepare and deliver the meals.

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