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Norwood Woman's COVID-19 Christmas A Reminder Rapid Antigen Home Tests May Have Reduced Sensitivity

NORWOOD (CBS) – One Norwood family found out at-home COVID-19 tests are not a guarantee.

"It was the responsible thing to do, and if you had the tests why not?" said Sophie Ricci. "I was like, 'Hey I'll feel safer.'"

But Ricci learned the hard way, she unfortunately was not safer, nor were her party guests, despite multiple rapid home tests in the days leading up to Christmas.

"I basically took, over the course of those days, four tests. I then woke up the day after Christmas so sick. Achy, fever, everything. I took a test on that day as well and it was negative," she said.

This week the Food and Drug Administration said these rapid home tests many have been scrambling to find, are more likely to give a false negative with the heavily mutated Omicron variant.

"The tests are still worthwhile, don't let anybody think the FDA was saying the tests are no longer good. They're less sensitive now. They never were 100% sensitive, the antigen tests," said Dr. Anthony Fauci.

But the at-home antigen tests are faster and cheaper than the gold standard PCR. They're an easy option for some peace of mind.

"You do the right thing, you test, you do everything you're supposed to do, and you still exposed everyone. Considering the majority of them are high risk, not good," Ricci said.

She finally tested positive Monday, after a long wait at urgent care. She did feel sickest that day, and that rapid swabbed deeper into her nose. Her PCR result is due back within 3-to-6 days.

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