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$21,000 Offered For Wedding Rings Donated To Salvation Army

BOSTON (CBS) -- An anonymous donor has offered $21,000 for two rings dropped off at a Salvation Army Kettle earlier this month.

On Dec. 10, a woman put her wedding ring and a diamond engagement ring valued at nearly $2,000 into a donation kettle at North Station. In a note accompanying the rings, the woman explained that she gave the generous gift in memory of her late husband.

Offers have poured in to buy the rings, and the Salvation Army said Monday they've accepted the $21,000 donation made by a former bellringer who wants to see the rings reunited with the original owner.

"I want to be involved in this because it's about the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving," she told Salvation Army officials. "My wish is that the rings can be returned to this woman who gave them up in memory of her husband for the sake of children at Christmas."

The woman said she related to the story because she is also a widow.

"I miss him dearly, but my husband would be happy that I am doing this," she told the Salvation Army.

Notes included with the diamond ring donation. (Photo credit Salvation Army)

According to the note, the rings were donated to buy toys for children in need.

"I've dropped my wedding ring in your Red Kettle knowing that the money from its sale will buy toys for needy children," the note stated. "I'm hoping there's someone out there who made lots of money this year and will buy the ring for ten times its worth."

Salvation Army officials said they are dedicated to fulfilling the sentiment behind the donations.

"We're absolutely overjoyed with this very generous donation as one expression of love has inspired another grand gesture to help those in need during the holiday season," said Major David B. Davis, Divisional Commander of the Massachusetts Salvation Army. "Because of these two amazing individuals, our Salvation Army officers, staff and individuals will be able to extend our outreach to the many families and children in need."


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