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10 Questions With Bedard: Who Is The NFL's Coach Of The Year?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Felger & Mazz hit Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated with 10 questions from around the NFL on Tuesday, including his picks for MVP and Coach of the Year:

10. Who is the NFL MVP?

"'Most Valuable Player' is Matthew Stafford. There is no chance [the Lions] make the playoffs without Matthew Stafford," said Bedard. "It's not 'you're the best player.' That's not the award."

9. Who is the Coach of the Year?

"Bill Belichick," Bedard said defiantly. "Three QBs, went 3-1 [to start the season], changes the defense and went 14-2. It's time for him to win the award."

8. Biggest disappointment in the NFL, team and player?

"Arizona Cardinals, my preseason Super Bowl champ. How do you not go to the playoffs, at least, with David Johnson and his 2,000 yards," wondered Bedard. "Player, it's Cam Newton. He was hot garbage this season."

7. If you were the New York Giants, how would you feel about players partying in Miami beach after Week 16?

"I wouldn't like it, but there's nothing you can do," said Bedard. "You gave them the time off, they can do what they want."

6. Should the NFL change their playoff format?

"I don't think so. I like there being some emphasis on the divisions, so I think those teams should at least have home games [in the playoffs]," he said.

5. Who was the biggest toolbag in the NFL this season?

"Doug Whaley, Bills GM, after that press conference [on Monday]. He didn't know anything! What the hell are they doing up there," questioned Bedard.

4. Biggest toolbag left in the postseason?

"[Kansas City Chiefs tight end] Travis Kelce. I guarantee he'll say something stupid that will incite the other team, whether it's the Steelers or Patriots," said Bedard.

3. Coach who most deserves to be fired, but won't?

"[Indianapolis Colts head coach] Chuck Pagano. They should fire everybody, but they won't. I don't think Jim Irsay will swallow all that money," answered Bedard.

2. If a team needs a quarterback this year, rank the five best options available at the NFL level?

1. Jimmy Garoppolo
2. Tony Romo
3. Mike Glennon
4. Tyrod Taylor
5. A.J. McCarron

1. Of the worst Super Bowl host cities, where does Houston rank?

"Third; I have them behind Jacksonville and Detroit," said Bedard.


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