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North Forney HS teacher resigns, unhappy with how her sexual harassment complaint was handled

North Forney HS teacher resigns, unhappy with how her sexual harassment complaint was handled
North Forney HS teacher resigns, unhappy with how her sexual harassment complaint was handled 02:49

FORNEY ( – Some students at North Forney High School walked out of class on Friday.

It was over the resignation of a teacher who says she quit because of the way the school district handled her sexual harassment complaint.

Raising their fists and marching through the hallways, some students at North Forney High School staged a walkout Friday, calling for justice for CJ.

CJ is Carolyn Jordon, who surprised her students and fellow teachers when she made the decision earlier this week to quit the job she loved.

"I really wanted to be a teacher, because I discovered a passion for helping teenagers specifically," Jordon said.

It was Jordon's first job in teaching.

But behind the smile, outside classroom and away from the students she loved, Jordon says the last six months were a nightmare.

"It was extremely harmful, it's hard for me to open up a lot," she said. "This is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life."

The 25-year-old says she was subjected to sexual harassment from a fellow teacher and documented the messages.

"He started small with inappropriate comments then it progressed more into asking for hugs," she said. "I had to push him back and then eventually escalated to a point that I felt so uncomfortable I broke down in front of a couple of administrators."

Forney ISD investigated and told us that "Multiple female employees, including Ms. Jordon, provided information about inappropriate comments made by a male employee. The district promptly initiated an investigation into those reports and the male employee resigned..."

But that wasn't the end of it.

Jordon felt betrayed for coming forward because the district's Title IX coordinator determined that what happened to her and other teachers did not rise to the level of sexual harassment.

"There would have been a thorough investigation of both sides and there would've been a public report available," she said. "He can go on and just keep harassing women at every job he goes to but if there's a Title IX report, at least maybe there's a possibility that more people will know and he can't hurt more people."

Forney ISD says it's investigation "...was immediately reported to the Texas Education Agency to ensure that his behaviors will not be continued at another school district."

Jordon says that only applies to school jobs in Texas and believes Forney ISD is more worried about protecting its image.

She also says in recent weeks she's felt retaliation.

"I had like three different administrators come up and tell me how to submit a letter of resignation, they gave me a deadline as to when I had to dye my hair," Jordon said.

So this week, Jordon decided to resign.

Even though her former students continue to support her, she says the experience has left her disillusioned and unsure about a future in teaching.

"I was pursuing my certification after this, I've just lost so much faith in especially the school system here."

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