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Kim Jong-Un wears mask in public

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared in public wearing a mask for the first time a year after the country claimed it did not have a single case of COVID-19. While the rest of world initiated mass vaccination campaigns, the isolated nation sealed its borders and refused to accept a single dose. As Kim declares nationwide lockdowns, the official line is that one person has died of the virus in North Korea. CBS News' Elizabeth Palmer has more.


Kim Jong Un reappears in public after weeks

After weeks of speculation around Kim Jong Un's heath, North Korean state-run media says the elusive leader has resurfaced. Newly released photos show the 36-year-old dictator opening a fertilizer factory north of the capital. Kim's notable absence from the country's biggest celebration earlier in April fueled rumors that the leader could be seriously ill, even dead. Ramy Inocencio breaks down the latest accounts of the hermit kingdom.


N. Korea says it launched high-tech missile

North Korea claims to have tested a new high-tech weapon, and says the missile launch was meant as a warning to U.S. ally South Korea. South Korea says the weapons were similar to this Russian- made missile that flies lower and can make in-flight adjustments. The launches were the first since President Trump briefly entered North Korea last month. Margaret Brennan joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss how this latest launch will affect diplomatic relations in the region.

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