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Food Banks


Farmers and food banks face hunger crisis

The pandemic has exposed cracks in America's food system and greatly increased food insecurity nationwide. Growers were “punched in the gut” by COVID-19, and in order to help communities meet an expanding hunger crisis, the U.S. will need to bolster a more “resilient food system.” Food Bank of the Rockies’ Erin Pulling and AppHarvest's Jonathan Webb spoke with the CBS Evening News about what needs to change moving forward to meet the need.


Pandemic appears to worsen food insecurity

Food insecurity appears to be on the rise across the country, worsened by the pandemic. Researchers from Northwestern University estimate food insecurity in America doubled in the first few months after the coronavirus arrived, and a recent CBS News poll shows more than one third of Americans are at least somewhat concerned they won't have enough money for groceries in the next year. Errol Barnett reports on the growing need before the holidays.

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