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Global Supply Chain Crisis Impacts Souvenir, Food Vendors At Levi's Stadium

SANTA CLARA (KPIX) -- The global supply chain issue is impacting just about everyone, including business owners and vendors at Levi's Stadium.

On Monday, during the San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams game, a Levi's Stadium worker confirmed getting team merchandise and shopping bags is a lot slower than normal. He said the souvenir towel that fans were supposed to receive last week didn't even make it to the stadium on time.

A 49ers spokesperson did not return KPIX's inquiry on the impact of the global supply chain disruption to operations. But business owners with food booths at the stadium confirmed that they're feeling the effects.

Vincent Dailey of Sandi's Cobbler Cups said that getting their hands on something as basic as cups has been a challenge.

"There's some supply issues," Dailey said. "She (his wife) was able to find another vendor, but she had to research it."

A manager of Iguana's Burittozilla said he's had a tough time getting nacho cheese.

A global supply chain issue that's been building since the start of the pandemic is to blame. Millions of dollars in goods are stuck on container ships waiting for space to unload at California ports.

Demand has also been extremely high for food as more people stayed home and cooked during the pandemic.

"When the restaurant supplier does have chicken, it goes really fast, we see that the next shipment doesn't come for two, three days and half my menu is chicken," said Pam Gorospe who runs Hula Truck at the stadium.

She said that not only is chicken more difficult to find, but food in general is more expensive.

"For example, pre-pandemic, a case of 25 pounds of tomatoes was maybe around $25. Right now it's sitting closer to $40," said Gorospe. "I mean we raised our prices. We have a food truck so we raised our prices. Our prices here at the stadium, they're a little bit higher to kind of cover the costs."

While football fans enjoy watching the game in person, they may have no idea that vendors are hoping for Hail Marys behind-the-scenes in order to feed them and get merchandise in their hands.

"We're going to get through it," Gorospe said. "I'm hopeful."

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