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Daily Madden: Losing The War On Drugs

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - With accusations piling up against cyclist Lance Armstrong, John said it's another sign that the issue of performance enhancing drugs isn't going away.

"The users are always ahead of the testers. Just to say 'we tested for that' doesn't mean it's not there anymore," said Madden. "They have ways of making it so it doesn't show up on a test."

There are ways to beat the test.

"It's been in all sports and it has been all over," said Madden. "We've had a war on drugs since I can remember, and we have be losing it. We haven't been getting very close to erradicating seems to be getting worse and worse and worse."

Also, more managers are complaining about interleague play as part of the major league schedule, saying the match-ups aren't always equal, and some teams aren't built to play with a DH, or with pitchers taking at-bats.

John Madden told the KCBS morning crew that if it were owners instead of managers complaining, interleague play would stop. The coach said it's good to see pitchers who don't usually bat "take their hacks."

The crew and Madden debated the value of forced rivalries, but the coach pointed out that the teams make more money during interleague, which means it's here to stay.

"It's going to boil down to money, we know that... If they were losing money by doing it, then it would be gone," said Madden.

Madden said he likes interleague play's regional match-ups, and he thinks most fans do as well.

John also praised 46 year old Bernard Hopkins, who became the oldest boxer to win a major world championship in his defeat of Jean Pascal Saturday.

"He doesn't have any of that old man stuff that you look for - the legs go, slow footed, a lot of them try to buy rounds, they wait and just fight the last minute, he didn't do any of that stuff," said Madden. "Whatever that age defiant thing is, he really has it...Bernard Hopkins has more than a little gas in the tank."


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