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TTYM: The Indy 500 Winner Buzz and Why You Should Never Eat At A Stadium

by @TaraLipinsky

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here. In this week's That Thing You Missed an Indy 500 winner tells it like it is, reason #3,401 why you shouldn't eat from stadium vendors, and I want to know -- is this the worst Star Spangled Banner performance you've ever heard?
Hammer Time

Perhaps the reason why Tony Kanaan is such a fan-favorite is because he says out loud exactly what you know every winning Indy Car driver is thinking.

“I’m gonna get hammered.”

Story via CBS Chicago

Houston We Have A Problem
Houston Astros Vendor Poops Next to His Snow Cones by BSOTV on YouTube

I know, I know. You’ve always thought stadium food was held to the strictest levels of hygiene.   And I’m sure those five $10 beers you consume during games help you achieve that blissfully ignorant conclusion. 

But we are now learning that just may not be the case.

A Houston Astros fan took this video of a Sno-Cone vendor cleaning out his pipes with his wares conveniently parked right beside him on the bathroom floor.

The good news? He was immediately fired.

The bad news? You think he’s the only one who does this?

Story via CBS Houston

'Braves' Performance
A young Braves fan shows off his best 'Gangnam Style' by MLB on YouTube

Ok, clearly no one told this little boy it’s no longer acceptable to perform “Gangnam Style” publicly. That was soooo 2012.

I, for one, am glad. And I won’t even let my daughters listen to that g-d forsaken song. But this kid nails it!

Forget Psy – he gives Jaden Smith a run for his money.

It’s just too bad he doesn’t have rich and famous parents who can buy him a part in a movie or spot on the Justin Bieber tour.

From the looks of it - he won’t have any problems getting a seat at a Braves game.

Story via CBS Atlanta

Star Mangled Banner
2013 Memorial Cup American National Anthem Screw Up - Halifax vs Portland - HD by HockeySportsCast on YouTube

Most singers would cut off their right arm to Google their name and find dozens of stories about their performance.

Except in this instance.

You see Canadian singer Alex Normand has a perfectly fine voice – but she butchered The Star Spangled Banner so badly during a recent hockey tournament, even Roseanne Barr called up to console her.

But at least Roseanne remembered the words.

Alex lost the lyrics nearly three lines in. Which wouldn’t be a big deal. But she never got them back.

She sounded like me trying to sing along to a Maroon 5 song on the radio.

Luckily, the crowd came to her rescue.

Is this the worst version of our Nation’s anthem you’ve ever heard?

Story via CBS Chicago

I want to hear from you! Got a fun story sports fans may have missed? Or an obscure, silly and perhaps gossipy tale we didn't cover? E-mail Tara Lipinsky at or send me a Tweet @TaraLipinsky.

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