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WWE's Dolph Ziggler Delivers Anti-Bullying Message To Local Teens

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A WWE Superstar took some time away from the ring today to talk to teens here in Pittsburgh.

In the ring, Dolph Ziggler is tough, to say the least and he shows no mercy to his opponents.

However, when he isn't taking down his competition, he shows a different side.

Ziggler was at Woodland Hills Junior High School on Monday to share an important message about bullying.

"Please, don't let this continue. Tell someone, stand up for yourself or stand up for a friend and end it as soon as possible because there is too much going on right now," Ziggler said.

Ziggler said unfortunately being a bully is easier than ever because of social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

He talked to the seventh graders about being kind in person and in front of a keyboard.

"I was lucky enough to not be bullied, but I was around it and I've seen it happen and I've seen people just stand around and do nothing and it's not that you are as bad as the bully, but you are not helping, so find a way," Ziggler said.

Ziggler's message seemed to sink in with the teens and although the wrestler gets paid to hurt people, he stressed all of it isn't quite what it seems.

"It's World Wrestling Entertainment and what we do is entertainment and its fun for the whole family, but you have to understand that please don't try our dangerous moves at home because I'm a trained professional and you can get hurt, but also it's entertainment and what we do is a show, real life is real life," Ziggler said.


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