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West End Man Fights Back Against Intruders

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- On the surface it's not the kind of neighborhood where you expect trouble.

But police responded to a call that an elderly man was beaten protecting his mom from a pair of intruders on Burdella Street in the West End.

"Next time they come I'm gonna be waiting for them. I'm gonna buy me a shotgun and I'm gonna sleep with it under the covers," the 67-year-old victim who does not want to be identified said.

He is angry. "I didn't believe it was happening. It was like a nightmare, you know?"

The intruders likely walked between houses to get to back door of the home. "I woke up from a sleep and two guys come busting through the back door."

Walking right past his bed and wearing hoodies, they started running through the house with the victim following.

"I confronted him at the front door here and he was like clawing at the door desperate to get out."

The victim's nearly 89-year-old mother was in her bedroom. A heart patient, she's undergone a triple bypass.

"My mother was hysterical. I was trying to get her out of the house. I says, 'Mum get out of the house! Get out of the house!'"

The victim grabbed his mom, pushing her out the door. Then he started landing four or five punches on the face of one intruder before losing his balance in the living room.

"I was like pinned in a corner and couldn't move. He got a couple of licks on me punched me a few times."

Both burglars then took off. They got nothing.

"And I'm gonna shoot first and answer questions later."

Nothing like this has ever happened to the man and his mom before.

"This society is getting worse and worse. You're not safe anywhere. You're not even safe in you're own home."

Police continue their investigation.

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