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Watch: Two Lawyers' Epic Fight Over Plane Armrest Goes Viral

GATWICK, UK (KDKA) -- The age old question of "who gets the armrest" reared its ugly head on a flight from England to Spain.

A video showing two passengers verbally duking it out over the frustrating situation is going viral.

The male passenger, offended that a flight attendant has come to ask him to move seats, says "We are arguing over an armrest. Relocate her, I'm not going anywhere...this woman is obnoxious and rude. I'm not moving anywhere."

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Other fliers can be heard chuckling as the battle escalates.

The female passenger exclaims that she is a lawyer and she "knows her rights," prompting the male passenger to shout: "I'm a lawyer too, you stupid woman!"

Threats of legal action are made, to which a bystander jokes: "everyone is a lawyer today."

When asked if they are traveling together the man and woman shout "no" in unison, sparking laughter from the rest of the passengers.

Throughout the ordeal, flight attendants try to calm the pair down and move them away from each other. Eventually, they succeed.

According to the Daily Mail, the battle took place on a Monarch Airways flight.

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