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Trial Underway For Man Accused Of Slashing Cyclist's Throat

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The man accused of slashing a bicyclist's throat in a fit of road rage on the South Side was in court Tuesday.

Anthony Scholl was in court, arguing that voices in his head told him to slash cyclist Colin Albright's throat, then gauging his head.

"He had threatened me and he was yelling at me like I was driving crazy," Scholl told police after the incident. "And I wasn't I'd been doing the speed limit, stopping at the lights."

Scholl allegedly went on to tell police he parked and followed Albright up some stairs. He then threatened Albright, the two got into a fight and that's when Scholl got out his knife.

"I was in a daze," Scholl said. "I was hearing loud voices in my head telling me to hurt him. And I felt euphoric. I felt like I was high or drunk on something."

"But you weren't?"

Scholl: "I had not taken any drugs."

Detective: "Now have you had these feelings in the past?"

Scholl: "Yeah and no. Not that I remember."

Detective: "OK."

Scholl: "Not as strongly as I felt that night."

Scholl's attorney previously claimed that police used coercion to get the statement from him.

"Our position is that the statement that was extracted by police came from coerced police conduct," said defense attorney Ryan Tutera.

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday afternoon.

The defense is expected to begin Tuesday evening.

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