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Trial For Ex-Officer Accused In Fatal Motorcycle Crash To Continue Next Month

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The trial of a former Pittsburgh Police officer who is facing charges in connection with a motorcycle crash that left his fiancé's intended maid of honor dead won't be resolved for weeks.

Testimony continued Tuesday, but the defense has yet to present its case and the trial won't resume until next month.

The non-jury trial of former Pittsburgh Police officer Adam Lewis won't resume until Oct. 1.

That's when the defense is expected to challenge the testimony of prosecution experts who say Lewis was impaired by alcohol when his motorcycle collided with an SUV, killing his female passenger.

Prosecutors presented pictures showing what the SUV heading down Mifflin Road in Lincoln Place looked like after the crash. The damage indicated where the SUV collided with then-Pittsburgh police officer Lewis' motorcycle. Pictures of the motorcycle were presented as well.

Pittsburgh police accident reconstruction expert Sgt. Dan Connolly testified he found an 80-foot long skid mark from where the motorcycle brakes locked as the motorcycle climbed up Mifflin Road heading southbound.

According to his testimony, the driver overcompensated for failing to negotiate a curve and started to slide. The drag of its crash guard caused a clockwise rotation. The bike started to stand itself up and slid into the Ford Explorer in the middle of the wrong lane of traffic.

Jessica Lojak, the back seat passenger, was killed.

She was the intended maid of honor of Lewis's fiancé, Ashley Dockmonish. They were leaving a bachelorette party.

The defense plans to challenge some of the prosecution's expert testimony, but this non-jury trial won't resume until Oct. 1.

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