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'Storm Area 51' Event 'To See Them Aliens' Removed By Facebook

RACHEL, Nev. (CBS Local) -- The infamous "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All Of Us" event to "see them aliens" has been deleted from Facebook, according to its creator Matty Roberts.

The viral Facebook event that encouraged people to meet up at the mysterious U.S. military site on Sept. 20 had managed to attract the attention of more than two million attendees.

However, the U.S. Air Force strongly advised citizens against raiding the top-secret desert military base north of Las Vegas, which has become the focus of unidentified flying object (UFO) conspiracy theories.

Roberts shared a screenshot of a notification he claims he received Saturday that said the event had been "taken down by Facebook because content posted to this event went against our Community Standards." The message also said Roberts could request a review if he felt the decision is "wrong."

"I never got any reason behind the event being removed," Roberts told CNET. "I created a sister event which amassed about 15,000 people before being taken down for no reason."

While Roberts said he originally created the Facebook event as a joke, he told CNET he's planning an actual Area 51 festival in Rachel, Nevada, for September 20, the same day when the raid had been scheduled. But he said this event was also taken down by the social network.

"I think it's pretty reckless of Facebook, especially because I'm trying to direct people away from storming the base," Roberts said. "And now I've lost my entire audience."

Roberts still expects around 20,000 people to attend the festival.

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