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Settlement Reached For Victim No. 5 In Sandusky Case

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The first settlement has been reached in the Penn State Jerry Sandusky scandal.

"I would describe in one word my client's emotional reaction as relieved," Attorney Tom Kline said.

As a 13-year-old he was sexually assaulted in a Penn State shower stall by former assistant football coach Sandusky.

Now a young man of 25, victim No. 5 was the recipient of a multi-million dollar court settlement with Penn State for his pain and anguish -- which his attorney says could have been prevented.

"He was the one youngster without any doubt could have and should have been prevented from being assaulted in the showers of Penn State, just six month after the infamous McQuery incident," Kline said.

Kline says university officials did nothing after assistants coach McQuery reported seeing Sandusky assault another boy in that shower six months before.

As a result, former Athletic Director Tim Curley, University Vice President Gary Schultz and former University President Graham Spanier are headed to trial. Kline says his client will now likely be called to testify.

"I believe that my client may need to relive all of this again," Kline said.

The settlement is sealed, but a Penn State trustee recently said the board has authorized the payment of $30 million to settle 25 of 31 cases against the university -- that would bring the average settlement to more than $2 million for each case.

But Kline says his client still suffers.

"He is an active productive, well-educated, thoughtful, terrific young man with a great family that goes a long way in the healing process," Kline said. "Having said that, make no mistake my client has emotional scars in the deep recesses in his mind that he will carry with him forever."

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