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Saturday On JP Roofing FAN N'ATION (NOVEMBER 27) 

Check out what's coming up on our next show NOVEMBER 27 on JP Roofing FAN N'ATION with Hosts Daisy Jade and Rich Walsh: 

-We're sending Daisy Jade deep inside the Panther Pitt to meet some of the rowdiest fans in football.

-Skin in the Game: Check out Rich Walsh's new Pitt tattoo from Black Armor Tattoo.

-412 Fan'atic: Meet Greg Leaper, a Steelers and Rod Woodson fan from Iowa.

-Fan Cave: Get a good look at one of the most comprehensive Pens card collections in existence from Tom Sterling.

-Meet Penguins Jesus, who blesses Pittsburgh as its sports prophet.

-His creations have caught fire...See how you can get these custom works of art from woodworking artist Adam Mahr for your fan cave.

-We're headed backstage with 412 Rock Star Scott Blasey from the Clarks to hear his personal Pittsburgh sports stories.

Watch Saturday at 7:30 pm on KDKA-TV or live stream on CBSN Pittsburgh on Or watch an encore episode at 11 pm on Pittsburgh's CW! Set your DVRs...You won't want to miss it!

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