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Pittsburgh Police SWAT Vehicle Tires Slashed

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Pittsburgh police are looking for whoever slashed the tires on half a dozen SWAT vehicles.

The Pittsburgh Police SWAT Team stands ready to respond to critical situations 24/7 but luckily they weren't summoned early Thursday morning. That's when someone or some people slashed the tires of about a half dozen SWAT vehicles where they are kept in the city's West End.

pittsburgh police swat vehicles tires slashed
(Photo: KDKA)

Sources say the incident happened sometime around 3 a.m. when the vehicles were apparently unattended. The damaged vehicles have been taken to the city's repair garage for new tires and repairs to whatever other damage they've sustained.

Police are looking for whoever is responsible and issued this statement:

"A number of Public Safety vehicles were vandalized overnight in the Crafton/Sheraden area. The vehicles are undergoing repairs. At no time was service to the public disrupted. The incident is under investigation."

All these vehicles should be back in service in a day or two, but police are taking this incident very seriously and aim to find whoever did it.

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