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Owner Of Klavon's Ice Cream Says Job Market Is Open, But The Workers Are Slim

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Shop owners are having a hard time convincing people to come back to work as businesses slowly begin to reopen.

KDKA's Bryant Reed talked to one owner who says the job market is open, but the workers are slim.

"We usually staff 11 to 15 people. We only have three so far this year," said Jacob Hanchar, the owner of Klavon's Ice Cream.

He says nobody wants to come to work.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"Name your site. We've done Monster, we've posted online, we've done LinkedIn," said Hanchar.

Hanchar has even gone to the competition about asking employees to work split shifts. But nothing has brought in the staff he needs.

He says coronavirus concerns are to blame, as well as unemployment checks.

"We pay a lot more than what people are used to in unemployment. But if I can get my unemployment benefits and I don't have to go out and risk, then I'm probably going to stay at home," Hanchar said.

Hanchar says Klavon's is holding on after taking a hit due to the pandemic, though the business can't take much more.

"Especially in the summer months about 80 percent of our revenue comes during the summer and we have to have the staff to do it. We need to get back to work and we need to get back to work fast and if it takes too long, we're going to lose another 6 months and we just can't afford to do that," Hanchar said.

And Klavon's isn't the only place looking for help. Other businesses have taken to social media looking to hire.

There's a job fair next week at PNC Park for three restaurants looking to hire more than 100 employees.

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