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"Night Of The Living Dead" Cast Returns To Evans City For 45th Anniversary

EVANS CITY (KDKA)-- A Pontiac wends its way toward a lonely cemetery where Johnny will utter his famous line: "They're coming to get you, Barbara."

It turns out they really were.

Russ Streiner as Johnny and Judith O'Dea as his sister, Barbara, returned to the Evans City cemetery where that scene was shot. It's the 45th anniversary of the cult classic, "Night of the Living Dead."

Fans from as far away as England gathered at the graveyard to meet the actors. The cemetery visit is just the beginning of a two-day "Living Dead Fest" in Evans City, where it all began.

Directed by George Romero, the film was an instant classic.

"It was amazing to all of us, as the years went by, to see the growing popularity," says Judith O'Dea. "It took us all by surprise."

Russ Streiner agrees.

"So many fans turning out for this Living Dead Festival weekend. The whole thing is surreal," he said.

Twenty-one cast members are expected Saturday in Evans City's Edco Park.

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