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New Evidence In Case Of Pittsburgh Restaurant Owner Accused of Sexual Assault

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There was new evidence introduced in the case of a local restaurant owner accused of sexually assaulting a woman he met on the South Side earlier this month.

Adnan Pehlivan, 46, who owns Istanbul Sofra in Regent Square, is back in jail after prosecutors said they have video proof that he stalked the woman and her friends as they headed home on May 14.

Photo Credit: KDKA

Prosecutors presented Judge Jeffrey Manning with the evidence captured by the district attorney's office cameras.

"It doesn't show anything one way or the other, until a factfinder has an opportunity to look at it in the full context of all the evidence," said Jimmy Sheets, Pehlivan's attorney.

Video showed Pehlivan stalking three women he met at Kopy's bar on May 14. Prosecutors said he would drive past the women in his silver BMW, pull over and turn his lights off -- pretending to park -- wait until they walked past again, and repeat the same thing over and over. Prosecutors said he waited while the women went into a pizza shop.

Two things a court will always consider when deciding a person's bond are whether they are a danger to the community and whether they are a flight risk.

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