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National Aviary Remains Closed As Staff Focuses 'On Kody's Safe Return'

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The National Aviary is closed again today while the staff continues their efforts to bring home Kodiak, the missing Steller's Sea Eagle, who flew the coop over the weekend.

Kodiak escaped his enclosure on Saturday morning.

He's not hard to spot with a nearly four-feet long wing span!

The Aviary's zoological senior director says it's important to note that Kodiak is in excellent health. Aviary officials say he does not eat every day and is also acclimated to different weather conditions.

Aviary officials say they are working around the clock to capture Kody and bring him home.

They say they check the birds and their habitats daily, so this is a new and highly unusual problem.

In an updated statement Monday, the Aviary says, "The heavy gauge wire that is in place for Kodiak's safety on Saturday morning had a gap in one area that was not there before -- this is extremely unusual."

Again, if you spot Kody, the Aviary is asking you to keep your distance and call them at 412-323-7235.

"If you see him it is imperative that you do not approach him, as he is likely to fly away from anyone unfamiliar to him. Instead please maintain your position and sight of him, but do not make noises, movements, or open doors or windows in an attempt to get a closer look. When our team arrives, please provide space for them to work to get Kody home. We have multiple teams on the ground, and they are prepared to respond quickly to credible Kody sightings," says the Aviary.

The facility will also be closed Tuesday so the staff can focus on Kody.

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