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Man Stabs Brother 4 Times At Funeral In Argument Over Attire

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WASHINGTON (KDKA) – Police are investigating after a man was stabbed four times by his brother while attending a funeral.

About 75 family members were gathered at DeAngelo's Funeral Home in Washington for the funeral of a loved one, when all of a sudden two family members began fighting and one was stabbed four times.

This happened Tuesday afternoon around 1 p.m. Funeral home owner Dale DeAngelo says there was a two-hour viewing followed by the funeral service.

"I was inside ... speaking to the minister and the widow of the deceased regarding some of the details for the funeral, and I heard some commotion in the foyer here and someone outside was fighting," he said.

Outside fighting in the parking lot, according to police, were brothers Devontye Walden, 24, and Justice Walden, 22.

Justice is said to have stabbed his older brother in the wrist, stomach, armpit and chest.

The fight was reportedly over what Devontye chose to wear to the uncle's funeral – the color red.

"One of the brothers was wearing a red and white speckled shirt," DeAngelo said. "He did have a flag at one point -- a short flag pole with a solid red flag over his shoulder when he walked into the funeral home."

Devontye told police he wore red because his deceased uncle always wore red, but Justice alleges Devontye wore red to represent a gang.

Other family members told police Devontye is not in a gang.

Devontye's injuries were so severe he had to be flown to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

Police say so far no charges have been filed because the victim is reluctant to press charges against his brother.

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