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Local Teen Makes It His Mission To Support Locks Of Love Charity

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- From behind, it looked like a typical scene in any salon on Saturday, a teenager being prepped for a fabulous, fresh new haircut.

But this was no ordinary styling session.

"I'm feeling pretty excited about it. I'm just happy for it," said Dustin Bauer. "I'm not sure if anybody will recognize me afterwards because I've had my hair long for so long."

Dustin is donating his sandy blonde tresses to the charity, Locks of Love.

This is his second donation.

"When he was about 7- or 8-years old, he saw me getting my haircut and donating it," said Diane Bauer, Dustin's mom, "and he asked what I was doing and I explained it to him and he said, 'Well, I can do that, too.'"

Dustin grew his hair out for four years, and in the fifth grade, donated two 15-inch braids.

He's now in the seventh grade and doing it all over again.

"I'm so touched by him that he cares more about others than he does about himself, because adults tend to mistake him for a girl," Diane says.

"It's a really nice thing to do, especially since he's a boy," said D.J. Bauer, Dustin's brother. "That's usually something most boys don't do, and I'm very supportive of him."

The scissors went to work, lopping off two 11-inch braids this time.

They'll soon find a deserving home on another head.

"It makes myself really happy about myself thinking I'm not just getting rid of my hair, I'm actually donating it to somebody who really needs it," said Dustin.



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