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Kennywood's Noah's Ark Grand Re-opening Celebration 5.25.16

Highlight video of the Noah's Ark Grand Re-opening Celebration.  Includes interviews with "Pittsburgh Dad" Curt Wootton as Noah; along with Nick Paradise, Director of PR at Kennywood.

The big blue whale and "squishy tongue" has made a comeback! People, animals and Smiley Cookies gathered two by two on Wednesday, May 25 to celebrate the Grand Re-opening celebration for one of Kennywood's most iconic attractions: Noah's Ark!

Did you know that the attraction was originally opened in 1936...the same year the city suffered the worst flooding in recorded history?!  Pittsburgh celebrates it's 200th anniversary in 2016, and Noah's Ark its 80th, so what better way to honor this beloved attraction than celebrating Noah's Ark along with the City of Pittsburgh!  Noah Paradise, PR Director at Kennywood, said that he wanted to do something fun for the opening ceremony, so they invited two representatives from different organization groups that exemplify Pittsburgh the best to enter the Ark together.  Those included people from organizations such as the Pirates, Ballet Theater, Eat N Park, Primanti Brothers, and the Carnegie Museum.  They also invited Curt Wootton, also known as Pittsburgh Dad, to attend as Noah, who delivered a hilarious monologue about how the Ark came to be.

Daisy from Pittsburgh's CW Green Team was on hand for the ceremony and conducted interviews with Pittsburgh Dad and Nick Paradise.  Watch those interviews in the highlight video above!  You can also see Pittsburgh Dad's full interview HERE.  Also, check out the Facebook Live videos from that day on the Pittsburgh's CW Green Team FB page!

You can also see more photos in our NOAH'S ARK PHOTO GALLERY HERE!

Be sure to visit Noah's Ark at Kennywood this summer and check out Kennywood's website for more info!



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