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Jim Leyland Talks About His Decision To Retire

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio1020KDKA) - Yesterday, Detroit Tigers Manager Jim Leyland announced his retirement. The once Pirates manager calls Pittsburgh home, and his ties to this city have made him entertaining to watch and follow throughout his career.

Bill Rehkopf and Jeff Hathhorn spoke with Leyland on the Afternoon News about his decision to retire and his season with the Tigers. He told the guys it was a wonderful season and his team made it fun for him to end on such a high note.

Jeff asked Leyland how hard the decision was to retire,

"It really wasn't tough you know I'm 69-years-old I think that's why it was time," he said. "For me, I was starting to get low on fuel, when that happens you know its time to walk away."

They raved about the Pirates' season and Leyland spoke about the texts and phone calls he got from friends and family jabbing him for the Pirates season,

"It was typical Pittsburgh, I got a lot of texts saying, 'See yinz in the World Series."

You can hear the whole interview here now!

Jim Leyland talks retirement

Also you can listen to Bill Rehkopf on the Afternoon News weekdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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