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Investigators Making Progress In Bank Robbery Case

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Investigators think they are making progress in the description of the getaway car used in a fatal South Strabane Township bank robbery Sunday.

The South Strabane Police Chief said they think the car was likely a white, four-door Toyota Camry, but they are not positive.

A former FBI profiler also gave his take on who the suspect may be.

"And they'll sometimes just show the weapon using the note, not speaking," said former FBI agent Larry Likar. "Other times there's no display of the weapon. They just use the note with the threat, usually that is the normal routine. One reason behind that is some bank robbers believe that because they just use the note if they get caught that the fact that they didn't use the weapon overtly that's a mistake they're still an armed bank robber."

Likar has been analyzing bank robberies for years.

In this particular case through, the decision of the robber to keep his face hidden, by wearing a hat and even to use an open umbrella to hide his identity, while strange is not new.

Surveillance technology has evolved and so, says Likar, has the criminal mind.

"So the idea of a bank robber often trying to disguise themselves, that's been going on for a long time," Likar said. "What you see more today is that robbers in almost - criminals in a variety of types realize that the cameras are not only in the bank, the cameras are also outside the bank, that there's a prevalence of cameras today. So they are becoming more aware of that. This is a very valuable tool for law enforcement but just like everything else, criminals adapt."

But the robber may not have factored in the dye pack that exploded in the car as he made his getaway and as he fired numerous shots at Vincent Kelly who chased him and tried to apprehend him and was killed.

"I would say this individual has had some experience with violent crimes," Likar said.

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