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Pittsburgh Weather: Frigid Temperatures Wrap Up The Week

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - ...and then it turned cold.

No, really cold!

Temps And Windchill
Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center

Normally we expect to see one round of extremely cold weather in Pittsburgh with temperatures nearing 0° about once a year.

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While it is too early to know if this is going to be the only deep chill of the year this will be one of the coldest stretches of the year. You should make sure to be fully prepared for the cold including making sure your pipes are wrapped and protected.

If you absolutely must use a space heater, keep it away from anything that may be flammable and turn them off overnight.

Other things not to do: include taking an open flame or torch to frozen pipes along with using your oven to heat your house.

Also, no charcoal should be used INSIDE your home. I know these all seem obvious, but every year we do hear stories of someone who does something just like this.

So temperatures will be dropping as arctic air drops down from the north. The cold pattern will be here for the rest of the month. It appears we will see little relief from the cold with temperatures struggling to get over 35 most days.

For the rest of the day, temperatures will hover just over 20 through 5:00 p.m. with temperatures then dropping down to single digits by sunrise.

Low Temperatures
Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center

I have Pittsburgh seeing a low of just 5 degrees.

Temperatures will probably be even colder on Saturday morning where I am forecasting a morning low of 4 degrees. We could easily see temperatures dropping to less than that though with just how cold temperatures are showing. Friday's highs will be in the upper teens with Saturday highs back up in the upper 20s.

Looking ahead, high temperatures will reach the 30s again by Sunday with Monday highs in the mid-30s.

Both days will have snow chances but no major accumulation is expected. There's another chance for snow on Tuesday, and that looks to be the best chance for snow over the next week.

7 Day Forecast
Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center

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