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2 Former Life-Sentence Inmates Hired To Help Pennsylvania's Commutation Process

HARRISBURG (KDKA) - Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has hired former life-sentence inmates to provide insight on Pennsylvania's commutation process.

In a press release, Braddock native Lt. Gov. Fetterman said he hired George Trudel and Naomi Blount to guide and educate prison inmates applying for commutation.

Fetterman's office says Trudel and Blount were both sentenced to life in prison despite never committing murder.

The two, who served a combined 68 years in prison, will sit on the Board of Pardons, which Fetterman's office says hears cases for clemency and votes on whether to recommend commutations and pardons to Gov. Wolf.

Trudel and Blount will help streamline the process.

"George and Naomi are also bringing something immeasurable to the lifer community: hope for a second chance at life," Fetterman said in a press release.

"If you haven't taken a life, the commonwealth shouldn't take yours through unending incarceration."

The office of the lieutenant governor says about 1,200 people in Pennsylvania are serving mandatory life sentences without parole even though they haven't killed anyone.

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