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DUI Charges Filed In Fatal Brookline Hit & Run Crash

BROOKLINE (KDKA) - A pedestrian was hit and killed in Brookline early Sunday morning and it didn't take long for authorities to track down who was allegedly responsible.

Police believe the driver, who's now being held at the Allegheny County Jail, was drunk behind the wheel when he hit and killed 25-year-old Sean Conroy.

Conroy was CPA with a promising career ahead him and was a graduate of Pitt and of Baldwin High School.

But, early Sunday morning he was killed after a driver hit him and kept on going.

"I believe the statement was, he didn't know if he hit a deer or what. He admitted he didn't stop until he got home," Pittsburgh Police Lt. Lt. Daniel Hermann said.

The driver was arrested and has been identified as 25-year-old Michael Rafaloski. Zone Six Police and investigators discovered debris at the scene and pieced together a possible vehicle involved.

The determined it was a Ford Explorer and found it just hours after the accident.

"They canvassed the area and did find this particular vehicle parked in a driveway with front vehicle damage," Lt. Hermann said.

After interviewing Rafaloski, they learned that there were three others in the car at the time.

According to police, all three backed up his statement that Rafaloski hit something, but they were unsure what and never stopped to look. Police also said that Rafaloski had been drinking and when they tested him two hours after the accident, his BAC was .129.

"He admitted to drinking at the bar beforehand and drinking at home when he got home," Lt. Hermann said.

Rafaloski is facing a list of charges including DUI, homicide by vehicle, and reckless driving. Police also say he was driving with an expired license.


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